St. Lucia is primarily recognized as a destination for couples

St. Lucia is primarily recognized as a destination for couples

St. Lucia is primarily recognized as a destination for couples. Honeymooners adore this stunning tropical island because of its extensive sandy beaches and stunning natural surroundings. However, you do not have to be married to enjoy this paradise!
The island, which the native Arawak first referred to as “Louanalao” in 200 CE, is home to stunning birds, orchards chock-full of banana, coconut, mango, and papaya trees, top-notch diving, and crystal-clear blue waters. It’s a volcanic island in the Lesser Antilles group that primarily attracts couples, families, and luxury travelers, so it’s not the greatest place to go if you’re traveling on a tight budget. Nevertheless, this place is extraordinarily lovely, making the little trip worthwhile.

Observe birds
There are lots of opportunities to see birds in St. Lucia. The finest places to go to see species like the St. Lucian Parrot, White Breasted Thrasher, St. Lucia Peewee, St. Lucia Oriole, and St. Lucia Wren are the Bois D’Orange Swamp, the Rain Forest, and Boriel’s Pond. Numerous beautiful migrating Frigate birds number in the numbers on the Frigate Island Nature Reserve.

Examine Castries’ weekly market.
In St. Lucia, this is the biggest and most vibrant open-air market. The market also offers handwoven baskets, mahogany figurines and bowls, and other items in addition to tropical fruits and vegetables. Come here to experience the rhythm of local life and buy some coffee from St. Lucia to take home!

Explore the trails St. Lucia has to offer, including the Barre de L’isle Rain Forest Trail that takes you to the summit of Morne la Combe. This trail is just one of many that offer breathtaking views. The hike is very steep and takes three hours, but the views of Mount Gimie, deep valleys, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean are worth it. The Enbas Saut Trail is another one of my favorites that takes you away from the crowded resort areas and into the island’s rainforest. It comes to an end at the Enbas Saut waterfall, where you can swim to cool off.No matter which trail you choose, bring water and sturdy hiking boots!

Swim in the Sulfur Springs These hot springs are one of the island’s main attractions and are located just south of Soufriere. The crater is filled with steaming, bubbling pools and hot springs that you can walk through, and there are warmer sulphuric pools where you can bathe. The Black Water Pool (also known as the Mud Bath) is included in the 25 XCD price of admission to the springs.